A visual business analytics platform to predict, optimize, and discover performance potential.

01 / WHAT

EPO provides various data science tools in data preparation, machine learning, and predictive and prescriptive model deployment to help users answer not only “what may happen on average” but also “how can you manage to your maximum potential“.

02 / HOW

EPO discovers relationships, and the most important drivers, available in the data.  It then uses mathematical models to evaluate performance, find an optimal peer group for each decision unit and sets targets based on peer benchmarks before aggregating the overall targets to align them with management’s growth objectives. 

03 / WHO

“EPO’s Peer Benchmarking methodology has added great value to our target setting capabilities.  We simply moved from comparing our portfolios and branches against averages to comparing against peers, both for performance review and target setting.  EPO’s resource-driven approach enables us to transparently test new targeting models with speed and ease.” 

- Tier 1 Bank, Executive Vice President



Discover relationships in data by using easy to use machine learning tools

Easily identify important variables and key performance drivers that affect your goals 

Immediately segment data to understand different groups of customers, stores or agents 

Identify optimal peers that are a fair example in setting targets.

Benchmark your customers, stores or agents with optimal peers to set achievable goals


Calibrate and align overall targets with changing market conditions and management growth objectives 

Create a single score for each customer, store or agent from multiple dimensions of performance


Prove target results by visualizing them in a scorecard


Quickly predict how well a customer, store or agent will perform



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